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Cross Courier & Dispatch Services
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Since 2002, we have been delivering excellent service to Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.
Our Logo is our badge of honor
Cross Courier vehicles are identifiable by the displayed company logo.

Cross Courier & Dispatch Services
  • We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • All of our vehicles are company owned.
  • All Cross Courier drivers are employed by us. (We have no ICs-independent contractors)
  • Our drivers are uniformed, licensed and bonded.
  • We have free proof of delivery by fax, phone, or email as well as the detailed information on our invoices.
  • Cross Courier vehicles are identifiable by the displayed company logo.
  • All shipments stay with us and are not passed off to another courier service in the delivery process.
  • We offer several delivery options including shipment delivery and delivery installation with set up options.
  • Items can be picked up and prepared for shipping whether it be a small package, pallet, or several pallets. Items are prepared for shipping as directed by you, the customer.
  • Vehicles are equipped with GPS locators so shipments can be tracked at any time.
  • Certain medical services and deliveries are available. Call us at (605) 335-8185 for details.
  • Prices of our services vary depending on the services requested, the size of vehicle required, and the destination of the delivery.
  • Vehicles available range from a 13-foot box truck with a lift gate, full size cargo van, mini cargo van, full size pick up, and an SUV.